Why an Intervention?


Addiction is a family disease. Frequently, addiction will affect the entire family. While the rest of the world sees dysfunctional behaviors, the family sees the actual person who existed before the carnage of addiction set in. It’s also important to remember that the family will become sick right alongside the person who’s afflicted with the addiction.

People decide to get sober for a variety of reasons. One of the most powerful motivators comes directly from the family. In unison, the family can use their voice to elevate the affected person to the pathway of healing. The purpose of an intervention is to come together to restore the person by getting them help. The purpose of an interventionist is to orchestrate the process and empower the family. Making the decision to intervene could potentially save a life.

North Star Treatment Group is now offering intervention services. Because a family is invaluable, we consider this worked to be sacred. Metaphorically speaking, this is the call for an ambulance which will make the journey to the hospital where the healing can begin. If you’re living with somebody who’s addicted, or you’re in a position to offer advice, remember that help is always available with an intervention at North Star Treatment Group.