Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS)

Why Be Bored at ADIS? Learn and Have Fun at North Star!

North Star’s Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS)  is fast-paced and interesting. Alcohol and drugs are fundamentally fascinating. All it takes to keep it that way is a good teacher. Talal Hattar, our instructor, taught political science courses for ten years at the University of Washington and won his department’s teaching award in 2003. He’s intelligent, funny and fun. Our students are routinely surprised by the fact that they actually enjoyed and learned from our class.

Learning conditions are quite humane with a ten-minute break every hour and a lunch break from 1-2 pm. We offer ADIS in conjunction with the Original DWI Victims Panel almost every Saturday. The panel is offered either before or after ADIS as listed below. If you prepay, ADIS costs $125 at North Star.  The Original DWI Victims Panel offers a Victims’ Impact Panel for North Star ADIS clients either before or after every class for $60, payable in cash only. We pride ourselves on being the pleasant and respectful silver lining of our clients’ DUI experience. Our focus is on giving you the tools you need to avoid any future incidence of alcohol and drug-related legal problems and move on to living life.

Please note: UNPAID RESERVATIONS ARE NOT CONFIRMED. Only a pre-paid slot is held until five minutes after ADIS starts. We can seat only 30 clients. Please note also that the discounted, pre-paid internet price of $125 is only available until 8 pm the Friday before class, when online booking closes. At the door, clients are taken on a space-available basis for $140. Pre-paid reservations taken over the phone also cost $140.

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