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Why Do I Need a DUI Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

There are several reasons individuals hire a state-certified chemical dependency agency to conduct an alcohol and drug assessment. Often, an individual may need the assessment as part of some sort of court proceeding. In the case of an individual accused of driving under the influence, courts typically demand the defendant to undertake an alcohol and drug assessment. The requirements of this assessment are set out in WAC 388-877B-0550. Courts often require persons accused of other alcohol- or drug-related crimes to undertake an alcohol and drug assessment as well. Individuals are sometimes required to undertake an alcohol and drug assessment owing to difficulties at work. Finally, individuals who are concerned that they may be dependent on alcohol or another drug sometimes approach us to be assessed.

What Does North Star Charge for an Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

For an alcohol and drug assessment relating to DUI or another alcohol- or drug-related charge, with pre-payment, we offer a discount of $50, for a total charge of $175. This price includes:

  • Urinalysis
  • Complete WA DOL Driving Abstract
  • WA Judicial Information Service (JIS) Criminal History
  • Counselor Interview
  • Preparation of Assessment Summary for Court

What Happens at a DUI Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

At North Star, we make a two-hour appointment for our assessments. The average client will finish within 90 minutes. That said, it is impossible to predict which client will take longer prior to the start of the process. It is critical that the client clear his or her schedule for the full two hours. Clients will spend an average of 30-45 minutes filling out written paperwork pertaining to their use of alcohol and other drugs, their general health and life histories. Clients will then be interviewed by a counselor. At the end of most interviews, we are able to provide a diagnosis. In some cases, however, results may have to be staffed or will be pending the receipt of other paperwork, such as the police incident report. In such cases, we phone the client with results as soon as possible.

What Should I Bring to My DUI Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

Clients should bring the following items to their alcohol and drug assessment:

  • Prescriptions or Prescription Bottles for All Medications
  • A photo ID, preferable a WA-State Driver’s License or ID Card

How Will North Star Treat Me if I Hire Them to Conduct My DUI Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

At North Star, we recognize that clients often meet us at the most stressful and shame-filled moments of their lives. This holds true whether or not the client suffers from chemical dependency. Those who are not suffering from a dependency problem have often made a costly and embarrassing error. In such cases, simple customer service behooves us to treat clients with compassion. That said, those who have a dependency problem suffer even more greatly, owing to the powerful stigma of the disease. Nearly 75 percent of those who die from this terrible illness abandon their attempts to gain treatment because they do not trust their treatment provider to treat them with respect or compassion. For this reason, the counseling and administrative staff at North Star are dedicated to welcoming each client with kindness and compassion. We are honored to extend that welcome to you.

Are There Types of Chemical Dependency Assessments North Star Does Not Provide?

North Star does not provide family court assessments and assessments solely for DOL blue forms for DUI incidents more than three years old.